TSIS User Scenarios – real world solutions

(short 45-90 second examples)

Franz is a business owner investing in Brazil, and wants to know more about the people he is dealing with.


Katy is hiring a system architect for a big project.   How can she cut through the noise and find someone great?


Joan  is a physician with more and more senior patients.  She wants to track relevant research, but doesn’t have time to follow several more journals.  She needs to depend on others to select the most important articles in many different publications.


Marko became active in politics, and explored forums to find people with similar interest.  He found that too many of the postings were misleading slurs or baseless attempts to stir up outrage, and half of the comments were shades of hatred.


Francois joined his university student union to get  closer to the action.   Unfortunately the university workers are going on strike.  The students are upset and talking, but their concerns are not obviously being investigated, and their voices heard.


Bill, Bob, and Buck are members of Workers International, a large union in the United States.  Their wives know each other, and want to organize the spouses of union members on common spousal issues.


At a conference for parents of autistic children, many attendees agree that research is too focused on outdated ideas, and the most promising new research is badly underfunded.


Slok is a proud citizen of Bottomalia, but 5 years ago, foreign companies started building huge new ports and highways.  He doesn’t think that’s what the country needs, and the president seems to have a lot more money.


Jill is frustrated by what she reads in the newspaper about her federal government.  She wants a lot more accountability than one vote every four years.


The city council for Tyranno has 40 members that bicker endlessly for purely political reasons.   A small group of citizens decides to set up democratic accountability for Tyranno on TSIS.

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