The TSIS project will create a global web platform to organize ordinary people to make changes together. It will solve problems standing in the way, like fake news, and provide tools for crowd-sourced leadership and activism.

The TSIS design will address 7 specific problems:

  1. Identity validation: Who really created anything you read and watch?
  2. Reputation communities: Who is honest and reputable, and who is not?
  3. Optimal Information: What’s great information, and what is disinformation?
  4. Proxy Delegation: Who can take problems and lead?
  5. Activism Support: How do thousands or millions of people organize and take action?
  6. Democratic Accountability: How do we make democracy transparent and accountable?
  7. Wealth Registries: What is BIG money doing with their financial clout?

These 7 systems will give ordinary people the information, leadership, activist capability, and accountability that they deserve to have.

At present, the platform is a conceptual design, requiring further refinement before it can be built.  Consequently, the first phase is a proof of concept, to clarify the vision for the platform with a simplified demonstration for people to try out.  A concrete demo will also help with fund raising.

With commercial methods, the proof of concept can be expected to cost most of a million dollars, given the size and scope of the undertaking.   The actual approach will adjust to the funds available.

TSIS may ultimately be structured as a trust, directed by the user community and stakeholders, but the choice of global structure will require consultation and research.

Timothy Horton is the conceptual architect for TSIS.    He is broadly experienced in technology and finance, including management consulting and global systems architecture, for several large banks. He has designed, built, and managed systems and networks, to optimize organizations or large investments, many times, in several countries.

His linkedin profile can be found here:

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